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The hottest shooting star in the tenth month

The hottest shooting star in the tenth month. Seven goals in October, Giovanni Simeone became the hottest goalscorer of the month, beating Robert Lewandowski and Mohamed Salah.

Giovanni, the eldest son of celebrity trainer Diego Simeone, is a mid-range striker in Serie A. Since joining Genoa in 2016, followed by Fiorentina and Cagliari.

But the 2021-22 season is about to be the best season for Giovanni and Hellas Verona. shooting star

“Hellas Verona is the right team for me.” According to the verbal respect for the agency that has been loaned to play throughout the season.

Because at the time Giovanni had just scored his second goal of the season for Verona, one of his goals in a 4-0 victory over Spezia in early October.

Before Giovanni’s six goals in just seven days came in the 4-1 win over Lazio with four goals alone and a 2-1 victory over Juventus, who scored two alone.

In October only, Giovanni slammed into seven goals, the most among players in Europe’s top five leagues. Because the two following are Lewandowski, the Bundesliga goalscorer, who scored 5 goals, equal to Salah, the Premier League goalscorer.

And eight goals in nine Serie A ufabet games this season. It also gives the Argentine striker an average of 63.5 minutes of goals per minute on the pitch.

This special feeling has rarely happened to Giovanni, as his best performance against Genoa is scoring 12 goals in 35 Serie A games in 2016-17, with Fiorentina 14. Goals in 38 Serie A games in 2017-18 and with Cagliari 12 goals in 37 Serie A games in 2019-20.