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Cannon thinks to expand Martin Odegard contract from the original.

Arsenal have been thinking about holding on to Martin Odegard longer than at the end of the season. Even though he had just recently acquired himself And haven’t even started the field.

Miguel Arteta, manager of the “big guns” Arsenal. In the English Premier League I think about the young midfielder Martin Odekard, the Norwegian national team. Longer than at the end of this season.

Martin Odegard contract

Martin Odegard, 22, moved from “White King” to Real Madrid in La Liga, Spain to stay with Arsenal. With loan contract until the end of this season It means that the person has not yet entered the field for “big guns” at all.

However, Arteta said about the opportunity to stay with the Odegard team that “He has the pace and image that we are looking for. It depends on how Real Madrid and the players will think about it. Including how he will make a difference for us. “

Arteta also said, “He is the player we are following. And believe that he will have something special that we need In the past he hasn’t played much with Madrid. But through a lot of training I think he has developed in the right way lately. “

“I’ve been really impressed. He’s a such a talent. He needs the right environment, he needs a little bit of time but I think he’s got the qualities to be a success for us.”

So where does Arteta see Odegaard making the most impact in his side?

“He’s a specialist to play in the pockets, to play in the No 8 or 10 positions,” he said. “He can play off the sides. He’s a really creative player who’s really comfortable on the ball in tight spaces.

“He has the capacity to create chances and to score goals. Something that he has improved a lot is his workrate without the ball as well, so it’s another option to give us more creativity for sure in the final third, and give us more options to set up in different ways against certain teams.”