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Come on schedule! The Hammers grabbed Jesse Lingard

West Ham United have successfully won the Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard to join the army. With loan contract until the end of this season.

“Hammer” West Ham United of the English Premier League to win the league midfielder Jesse Lingard. “Red Devils” Manchester United have successfully joined the army. With loan contract until the end of this season.

Lingard, who has stepped up from the youth system to the first team, Manchester United since 2011, cannot fully settle as a key player in the agency. Plus the latter had almost no chance to enter the field at all Until having to move to West Ham To look for more opportunities to play

The 28-year-old Shin said: “I’m excited. It’s another chapter of my life to play ufabet. I’m here to work hard and bring my experience to help the team. That is the main goal I just want to enjoy football and be back on the pitch again.

Lingard will be reunited with West Ham manager David Moyes. After they both used to be bosses – subordinates. When Moyes was in charge of Manchester United in 2013-14

He will give them a boost going forward with his ability to play anywhere across the front line, while it will mainly come down to David Moyes trying to bring his confidence back.

Lingard has looked off in the last couple of years because he’s not trusting himself to make the right decision quickly, but he could be an excellent addition if West Ham can help him re-find his best form.