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“Mayweather” image to honor the World Champion belt.

The World Boxing Council has announced that Flo Mayweather, Jr., the American World Champion Belt, From the work that he has made is recognized by the boxing world. Especially works with the World Boxing Council, WBC.

From the greatness of Flo Mayweather Jr., the World Boxing Council (WBC) made a special UFABET belt. Which will have his picture on that coin Affixed to the side of the WBC GOLD AND GREEN BELT world.

Over the past two decades, Floi Mayweather Jr. has made 50 bouts of unbeaten fights, winning 27 knockouts, winning five World Boxing Council titles, including the Super Feather. Wet, Lightweight, Super Lightweight, Welterweight and Super Lightweight. Which no boxers of the same age have done before.

I am honored that the WBC has forever put my pictures on the WBC GOLD AND GREEN BELT belt. I remember the first time I won a WBC belt with a photograph of the great champions attached.

For the famous and symbolic WBC GOLD AND GREEN BELT of World Boxing Championships. It first appeared to everyone in the 1970s and has undergone significant improvements ever since. The evolution continues with the times.

The WBC World Championship Belt is centered in gold with the official WBC logo, with the acronym WBC incorporated into the three flag circles. Which currently there are more than 170 member countries around the world And each belt counts as a masterpiece, made up of legendary Cleto Reyes leather, hand-crafted by Jurado’s artisanal plaque, the true value of the belt exceeds its monetary value. And glory And representing the martyred boxer To desire to win and win.

Thank you picture from: WBC, BF2LIVE.COM