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uses strength, The world’s footsteps are stunned.

Football is a sport that uses strength. And the impact force is very high Which must be considered that the big players always have an advantage But there are still many players that are small. But it can give the bigger players a headache.

For players who are still ahead of the football schedule today that football fans have seen the great Of course, it is inevitable that Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi, who has been very successful in his career despite being a very young player. But his footsteps are beyond the reach of anyone uses strength.

Total 7 small players But the pace is great

Roberto Ayala – Height 177 cm.

Legendary defender of the Argentina national team. With a height of only 177 cm, but returned to play in the center-back very tightly, with Ayala born with River Plate before moving to Napoli and then to Milan, but his life at Milan is not very happy. 

Juninho Paulista – Height 168 cm.

The legend of Middlesbrough Most Premier League footballers have to know, with Juninho moving straight from Brazil to England for the first time in 1995 when he spent just two seasons in England and it was a firecracker. And before his move to Madrid in 1997, he also won the Premier League Player of the Year award.

     Juninho, having move out, also return to play for the Boro two more rounds together, which he was love by many fans. As for the national team path He was also a World Cup ufabet with Brazil in 2002 as well. 

Roberto Carlos – Height 168 cm.

The former left-back, recognized as the No. 1 in the world, despite being unsuccessful at Inter Milan, his move to Real Madrid is like a new born because his ten years have been as successful.