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“Mawro” shuffled legs “Abdul Barzier” ONE: UNBREAKABLE II

ONE: UNBREAKABLE II battle on Friday 29 January at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, shaking rhythmically. When heavyweight and light heavyweight fighters shook the arena Fight against one another in intense mixed-fighting and kickboxing rules.

The protagonist of a giant battle between “The Hammer” Maw Roserilli, a former spaghetti blacksmith, clashes with “the machine from Dagestan” Abdul Basir Wakabov in the fight. Mixed heavyweight before Mawro slashed Abdul Basier’s victory with TKO in the second round.

Open the first round, both of them look carefully and the game was tight. The knees were a bonus that had to be release in exchange for hundred of kilogram of first at stand.

Initially, Dai Shi put his left shin into the torso. Before I got a stroke, Ivanido played the ground game. And tried to straddle to the side While the other party had a ball to persist and return, Daichi invited him to play a new ground game. Despite being in a disadvantageous position, Iwanildo almost showed a superior skill, using his legs to do Triangle Choke the entire position but failed.

The duo made a second round in close quarters, Iwanildo try to lock Kodaichi in hopes of dropping off. There is a chance to get strangle with the Rear-Naked Choke many times, but not dead exited cool.

submission. Official result ONE: UNBREAKABLE II

– Mawaro Serilli defeated Abdul Barcia Wakabov by T Kao in the 0.36 minute of the 2nd round (mixed fight Heavyweight version)
– Daishi Tagenaka defeats Ivanido Delphino by submission (Rear-naked Choke) in 2.55 minutes of round 3 (flyweight mix fight)

– Kwon Won Il won Chen Rei by TKO in the 0.31 minute of round 3 casino online, ufabet (Mixed Fight Bantamweight)