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Thomas Tukle, pinned three staffs to jet to London.

Thomas Tukle, German coach Set sail for London on Tuesday. And will debut as Chelsea‘s new head coach on the same day.

The Athletic reported that Thomas Tukle was on a private jet with three other crew members. And will begin to get to know the new team members And the team to practice immediately at Cobham during Tuesday noon.

Tukle has agreed a contract with Chelsea already. The contract starts at 18 months or until the summer of 2022 and has an additional 12-month term to expire after the 2022-23 season and will be signed and formally launched with the new club by Tuesday.

Chelsea hope Tuchel will be able to direct the starting team in the Premier League game at Stamford Bridge. Wolff, Hampton Wanderers, Wednesday immediately. Because it manages work permits or work permits And test results for COVID-19 That came out to be deleted already.

So much for the good news. There is also plenty that will be picked away at and used to beat him with. Tuchel does not suffer fools, speaks brusquely at times, and has some quirks: no use of surnames, and an insistence players look into each other’s eyes while saying good morning; an obsession with good manners UFABET and punctuality. There is plenty to work on here if, or indeed when, things start to go bad.

For now, should he get the job, he has a blank slate: a hugely powerful squad, a natural tactical fit with some key players, and even the added benefit of an empty stadium into which to ease his awkward frame. Over to you, the anti-Frank.