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When the world queue, Xuhok “Yan Bing Tao”

World Snooker They predict that soon there will be a new world champion from Asia Yan Bing Tao. Especially China.

This statement looks closer to the truth every moment. In particular, the birth of a new young teenager named “Yan Bing Tao”, the owner of the notorious world champion “The Master”, one of the three biggest shows in the world.

Until today The world of snooker began to recognize and follow Asian players from the nickname owner. “Thai Tornado” or “James Wattana”, but the Thai people say “Tong Si Choy”

James Wattana settles down to fight the elite snooker of the era, such as Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, Jimmy Wine and John Parrot, crushby fights in a very close game, especially “Thai “Tornado” is a magnetic snooker who invokes audiences with an extremely accurate, fast and incredibly shot style. Especially playing the middle hole ball That all over the world agree that “the most accurate” until today.

The success of “James Wattana” in “The Master” has been in a final with “Grim Reaper Golden Hair” Stephen Hendry in 1993 before losing in the finals. But that was enough to create the first Asian legend to reach the finals.

Until almost twenty years The statistics are broken. Along with the reincarnation of the Asian star “Ding Jun Hui”, it emerge to win the championship.

Along with sparking hundreds of thousands of dragons who came to catch the queue Before gradually becoming a name on the world stage And nowadays there are dozens of snooker from China playing in the professional arena.

 Even a new dragon that should be watched, is “Yan Bing Tao”, “The Master” champion in 2021.

The success of the 20-year-old dragon, if looking at the path, cannot be called accidental. Since the first round to meet with “Neil Robertson” former world champion, the current second-hand champion “UK Championships”.

Come in the second round, have to face eight world “Stephen Mackay”, another former world champion. This time, squeezing together until 5-5 to the frame, “Yan” turn the situation into a sign, win 6-5 through the playoffs successfully.

 In the semifinals, meet “Stewart Bingham” the world’s 12th hand throughout the game. “Yan” followed until the draw at 4-4. Shine bright, press until the veteran is defeated by another 6-5 to finally qualify for the black final.