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5 defenders suitable for defending against Liverpool

Liverpool are in great trouble right now. With the story of the quarterback who took all the injuries Until the need to push the rising star to play instead Or use a low defensive midfielder to play instead Of course, the best solution is to buy a new replacement.

Earlier, Liverpool went to the news with many defenders. But right now, there are only a handful of those who seem to be a possibility And suitable for entering to resolve the situation of the team at this time Or can be said to bring it and use it to play the ball table straight away.

5 centers suitable for recovering the Reds defense situation

5) Osan Kabak-Schalke

The young defender from Schalke this person. Despite his young age, his pace has been a target for many teams across Europe, it is an indication that he is very ready. If Liverpool come to the squad to help me in the defensive crisis this hour.

4) Issa Mandy – Real Betis

The 29-year-old Algerian national team defender is considered one of the best defenders ever. Plus his contract with Betis is nearing an end, so if Liverpool buy it now. Of course, it should be 10 million euros cheaper.

3) Mateo Musacchio – AC Milan

Quarterback Argentine Is another interesting case Because the person left his contract with Milan for just 6 months only Plus he was ignored by his pieces and didn’t go into the field much. Due to squeezing out of Zim Minkier and Alessio Romanogoli, he could not enter the field, but with the ability And his experience will no doubt help the Reds defensive line.

2) Sven Botman-Lille

The young Holland international had a lot of news with Liverpool earlier this month. Until the stage has been reported that Referred is preparing to come to check with Liverpool. But in the end, the news disappeared. Leaving only hope for The Kop

1) Dayot Upamegano-Leipzig

 As for this Frenchman star, of course, his reputation is extraordinary. Because there are many Big Brother teams in Europe, wanting to have a possession But over the past week he has been very much in the news with the Reds, but Man U is said to have tried to speed up the deal. Will this work be moo or sergeant, I will know

        Liverpool have recently beaten Manchester United 3-2 in the FA Cup round 4, which football fans all over the world should have seen now. How big is the Reds’ defense line? …

Photo: AFP