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The Ndombele, proved himself well with Spurs.

Jose Mourinho praises his team of Tongey Ndombele, proves himself to a promising future. After the last goal ended in the game at Tottenham Hotspur defeated Sheffield United 3-1.

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho has praised the French midfielder Tongey Ndombele. Who wants to prove themselves in a professional career with Tottenham Hotspur  after a beautiful goal ended in the game against Sheffield United 3-1 on Sunday.

Last season , Ndombele went to that news. Not happy with “Chicken Golden Spikes” after having difficulty adjusting to the Premier League.

However, the 24-year-old midfielder has not moved anywhere. Still practicing tirelessly The latest in this season to become a major force in the middle of the Spurs to lose. 

Tongey N’Dombele proved himself to Spurs until Mourinho had to watch.

The game on Sunday Ramos Allen team up to the door ahead 2-0 by the San Marge Bouvier Ury 5 minutes and Harry Kane the 40th minute but second half goals pursued defenders. It is 1-2 from David McGoldrick in the 59th minute, causing the team “Double Swords” to win again, but in the 62nd minute , Spurs escaped 3-1 from the Tonggi Ndombele that fell. Came into the penalty area before tilting the ball and shot with the right, the ball sagged into the far post. And a door to relieve the pressure on the Spurs as well Before being defeated by this score.